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So stressed with uni.. I haven't been watching any arashi vids in a few days now. And I wish someone would change the photo of Ohno on dramawiki.. His skin in that photo's of the wrong colour..

No promises...

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for shopping at YesAsia.com!

We are writing to inform you that a reshipment has been created for your order 5884602 and is currently in process. Please note that for items on your order that are currently not in stock, further sourcing will be required before shipment.

You will be notified by email once the reshipment is ready to be dispatched.

Should we be unable to source some items, the difference will be refunded in YesAsia Credit once the reshipment has been processed.

Yours sincerely,
Customer Service Department
YesAsia.com Ltd.

Overseas fan wa taihen desu ne.....


They told me to wait wait wait. So I waited.. Now I finally call them and they tell me they regret to inform me that my album is LOST. And that they cannot reship because the product is out of print, and that they will transfer the cost price into my account as credits for me to buy something else........ Even though they assured me that they'd source for the same product no matter what for reshipping, the last time I called... Oh. To think that I ordered the thing in June, and waited for the postman every day. And then waited a month more for it to possibly arrive and waited as the thing became out of print. All the unfairness in the world. I'd like to know where the album is lying around, somewhere in the world..


I meant to post these scans of mine on MJ's birthday but I forgot..

Happy belated birthday to Mattsun~ イエイ!Collapse )

Also, wshuhui! When I'm free, I scan those you gave me at Ichiban Sushi okay??? HAPPY. Those of chibi Arashi lovelovelovelove~ And my album's not here yet. Orz

Happy happy Arashi

Arashi members threw a surprise party for Matsujun.. :') :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Update: it seems this is a piece of matsujun birthday fan fiction.. haha


I must be the only one left who hasn't received her album and hasn't had a listen to Nino's solo yet. *cries in a corner* Yesasia is telling me to wait until 8th September. :'( I'm also having a bit of a problem with radio news assignments and it's making me gloooooomy. Byebye.


Aiba-sannnn~ Did you turn too early? *sniggerss* As expected of Aiba chan muahahaa


Day after day, disappointment after disappointment.. I think my arashi album fell into one of the oceans already.. Sigh. And it was shipped out on 4th August.. Yesasia liesss... If by two weeks it doesn't arrive...... ... I'll think about what to do then.

So I was bored.

I took out my clear folder of Arashiiiiii magazine tear-outs, and scanned 3 images of Aiba-chan, especially for tonieboo0013 and dolcefreddo although I don't know where dolcefreddo 's loyalties lie with anymore. Aiba or Matsujun?? I don't know the name of the magazine because I tore the pages off a long time ago. *bows*

Click here for Aiba and his big birth markCollapse )

P.S: I'm still waiting for my album :(

Matsujun and Angelina Jolie

Saw the clip of Matsujun interviewing Angelina Jolie.. *feels proud of him* So calm and confident, the way he talked to her. SO professional. Even though there was a language barrier, he memorised his English lines and delivered them confidently.. His lines were quite accurate too, much better than Sho's Engrish tourism promotion and Aiba's Engrish every time he's on TV.. Heh heh heh...

Angie-SAN, as he addressed her, was quite impressed with him, I think. And he gave her Arashi's album. O_o But wait till she see videos of him and his stocking on the head, cigar and wine muahaaaha..

From a chibi boy with puffy cheeks and girly laugh, Matsumoto Jun has matured and will do great things in future! Indeed he's a 'JE Elite' hahah! Johnny Kitagawa really had a good eye T_T

As a student journalist, I must learn from him. From Matsumoto Jun, that is, not Kitagawa... :D

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