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Happy Birthday Nino!!

Highlight of 2013


Arafes in Kokuritsu on 22 Sept, & flumpool in Budoukan on Oct 2nd. So lucky, so thankful.

So I was gonna try and translate this article: http://www.whatsin.jp/feature/flumpool_kimiigai that Grace shared with me. But the third page really made me wanna flip table because I couldn't understand what Ryuta was trying to say in some paragraphs. So I gave up. But I'm gonna put the parts which I did down here anyway.

flumpool interview translation here...Collapse )

And then they started talking about performing with Mayday in Taiwan.. And covering OAOA. Ryuta wrote about going with his feelings and re-writing the lyrics instead of doing a direct translation from the original OAOA. Of course he talked about how 音楽が国境を越える and how he's so thankful to be able to work with Mayday. They felt really welcomed in Taiwan but when they saw how small the JPOP corner in a CD shop was, they knew they had to do more to improve the level of recognition for Japanese music. Ryuta and Kazuki end the interview saying they want to put up the awesome-st live ever this October!! YAAAARRRRH!!

Just wanted to post that..

I successfully balloted for tickets to flumpool's Special Live at Budoukan this October.

Can't waitttttt omggggomgggomgggg

Flumpool x WEAVER Live


Ryuta: "Because I ammm!!"


Ryuta: "Keep smiling, keep smiling.."



Flumpool x Weaver Live
"We. Will. Be. Back! Back!"


Things I do on a Saturday night... It has been a week since the live. Sigh.

Aug. 2nd, 2012

You know you're old when even Nino doesn't get to act as a student anymore..... 

Self improvement

Oh I needa exercise...
Arashi's international fans are marvelous :D we're amazing! Here, have a gif!

Nino and Ohno's high notes FTW.


Sooo I got accepted.. I'm going to be studying more Japanese at Rissho Uni in Saitama-ken for 3 weeks during 26th Nov - 18the Dec :D But that means I cannot go to Tokyo with Siying from 15th to 23rd Nov already because papa said it was either one or the other.. which also means, no Tokyo Dome during Arashi concert dates..

But still, I can't wait........ I can't wait to study intensive Japanese for 3 weeks. Like a dream come true. I plan to make full use of my 21 days there and visit so many places on my free days. I spent the morning studying my Lonely Planet Tokyo city guide, subway lines, bookmarking places like Yasukuni Shrine which I studied a little about last semester, Tsukiji Fish Market.. and just stroll and explore different parts of Tokyo myself (if I end up disliking the other students) muahaa.. Oh. And Harajuku. I wanna go there. Not to forget shopping. SHOPPING. EATING. Shopping. EATING AGAIN - which is why I'm on to day 4 of my dieting program already. It's miserable but I'm eating enough and keeping my mind off food by chewing sugarfree gum. And if time allows, I wanna visit places that Arashi has stormed through before. But that's only if time allows, because my brother is SCARY. Here is what he said..

"Please tell me this interest of yours in Japanese culture has got everything to do with important stuff like Japanese foreign affairs and journalism. We're all in year 3 of tertiary education already, its scary cos I don't know what I'm gonna do after I graduate. So we should both do stuff that we like, that is also ultimately gearing ourselves up for something after the degree.

I'll freakin' kill you and laugh at you for the rest of your life if you're into this cos of some Arashi craze that sucked you into Japanese culture... I'm not kidding. And don't get defensive on me like you usually do arh. I'm just asking, so just think carefully. You don't choose your future based on interests in Jap pop culture. But you ARE doing very well in your Jap studies in Curtin right?

Ouch. I AM doing veryyy well for Japanese, and I did VERY WELL for Japanese Society and Culture unit last semester too. Maybe the very very reason why I got sucked into everything Japanese IS mainly because of Arashi, but that's not all I'm interested in now. This is probably a weak argument but before Arashi, TOMA was my loveeeee. No waittt I think the first Japanese encounters in my life were sushi, Tamagotchi, Street Fighter, Dragon Ball, Sailormoon, Hello Kitty and Pochacco. But the truth is, I still don't know what's gonna happen after I'm done with my degree next year. I know I want to study Japanese all the way, but what do I do with that? Here's the timetable if you wanna know what I'm up to when I'm thereeeee worrrrrrrrr. :)


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